About DTJ

Down To Jeep is an online Jeep Enthusiast Community that caters to the average Jeep owner.  We are Down to Jeep or DTJ in whatever way owning and operating a Jeep means to us.  We realize that not everybody enjoys taking their Jeep on rocks that are twice the size of it or driving it on the beach while listening to the latest top 40 songs.  We all enjoy our Jeeps in unique ways and at DTJ we fully respect that.  “You do you” and we’ll be here to back you up in any way you want or need.

We are slowly building a library of helpful guides for Jeeps in an aim to make this site to be the end destination for the knowledge you need.  The goal is to build out a community of Jeepers that comes here for their answers instead of searching through Google.  If you’ve come here from Google because another community told you to “just Google it” then perhaps you should consider this as your primary Jeep community!

Our forum is geared up to be a helpful and respectful community.  It might be a little rough around the edges but a little friendly ribbing is certainly not out of the question!

Industry representatives are allowed to contribute to our community.  While we aren’t looking for any sponsorships, we do ask that you keep the sales pitches to a minimum.  Think of this site as more of a way to interface with your primary customer demographic – the average Jeep owner.  If they have questions about your product, feel free to provide an official response here.

Be sure to read our rules before participating or registering for an account!

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