EVO Double D Bolt-on 4″ Long Arm Kit

EVO Double D Bolt-on 4" Long Arm Kit

I purchased an EVO Double D Bolt-on 4″ Long Arm kit (alt)about a year ago.  It’s a bolt on or weld on option, so it fit what I needed being in Alaska.  I would have liked to have welded it on but being in Fairbanks and not knowing a competent welder it was a great option for bolt on.

In the last year I have experienced a few problems with this system. The first and major problem with this system is spring bow. I fully understand the rear spring bow due to moving the axle back for better centering of the axle. My problem has come with the front axles. It has been a pain in the ass to find a remedy for the drivers side spring that continues to bow. I have adjusted the caster all the way up to 5.0* positive and the results are the same. The passenger side does not bow at all. I’m still working on a solution for this problem and have spoken to the manufacturer directly. Their solutions are compromise pinion angle, shim the front perch, or grind the back of the spring down. The first one makes the most sense but I’m running 4.3* positive caster with a pinion angle of 8*. I’m not trying to kill my drive line. Shimming the perch seems like a satisfactory option to resolve the mechanical issue, but one that would come at the cost of safety.

EVO Double D Bolt-on 4" Long Arm KitThe second issue I have with this system is the ability to run more aftermarket under armor, exhaust ext. This kits brackets are huge, bolt into the factory cross member, and are touching the factory exhaust. I have researched other kits and their brackets are much smaller allowing better clearances for a wider variety of aftermarket under armor. I have had to shim multiple things to keep it from rattling on my exhaust.

Now on to the good things. I love the ride characteristics of this kit. It’s so smooth and comfortable that my daughter fell asleep on a 10 hour drive on the Dalton Highway. It absorbs everything that I have handled, from whoops on the road, to potholes that I didn’t see until too late. I can run 70 plus MPH on the worst roads in Fairbanks, Alaska and its a beast.

EVO Double D Bolt-on 4" Long Arm KitThe ability to adjust this kit without taking the arms off makes it even better. The ability to throw it on an alignment machine and dial it in makes this lift kit phenomenal. Finding the right wrench is fun but when you do the ease is great. Just pop loose the pinch bolt and give small turns and boom you’re done in no time.

All in all I have mixed feelings about this kit its a great comfortable kit but it has more gremlins than I’d like to worry about with a 5000 dollar kit. EVO customer service is great and will not hesitate to call back or help. If I had to do it again I would do more homework on other kits and may have bought differently.


If you are looking for a kit that has an awesome ride, great flex and ease of adjustability, this is a great kit for that. Expect to have to shim and adjust every little small detail to get it dialed in just right.